20 Jun 2017

Is Commission charged when my property is sold?

The answer is absolutely NO!
You will not pay commission of any amount to us for listing your property, now or ever.
Also, no other fees will ever being charged for selling your property through our listing service.

23 May 2016

Do you actually sell my property?

No we don’t. We only provide you with the means to get your home marketed on the major real estate websites like realestate.com.au and that is why our service is know as an ‘agent assisted vendor/private sale system’.

23 May 2016

I am not an agent so how will I go in selling my own property?

We have found that people every day are attempting to sell their properties privately, some have success and some don’t. Normally the most common reason why those that don’t have success is because they do not or can not promote their home correctly to obtain maximum exposure. This is where Sell My Property Now assists you like none other.

23 May 2016

How long will my property remain listed and are there any additional charges?

This is based on the type of listing package you have purchased.
In relationship to our ‘Sales’ Package the property will be listed based on whether you have purchased the ‘until sold’ or the ‘monthly’ package. In either case your property will remain live until we are instructed by you to remove the listing.
In relationship to our ‘Rental’ Package the property will be listed until leased or we are instructed by you to remove the listing.
If a property is withdrawn or taken off the market for any reason we may charge a re-connection fee if you wish to relist at a later time.
Our fees are as stated in our marketing materials and you will not be required or asked to pay for any extras or additional charges, either at the sign up process or anytime thereafter.
Please Note: The fee we charge is for a single property per listing and includes an administration charge in creating the property profile secure members area for your use and including the online advertising campaigns. This also applies to the listing of land where only one titled block is allowed to be offered per purchased listing package.

23 May 2016

How Do The Buyer Enquiries Get Handled?

Enquiries are generally made using the online form provided on your listing on any of the real estate websites, or by calling our office. Online form enquiries are automatically forwarded to your email address. Phone enquirers are encouraged to make an online enquiry on the website that they found the listing on and once that is done the email enquiry is forwarded directly to your email’s inbox. From experience we have found that by a buyer doing their enquiry in this fashion results in no lose of their details occurring. However, those persons that do leave a message or contact us directly requesting information on a property are handled from our office by emailing their details to you within hours. We find that most enquiries are made through the online forms and only a small proportion of enquiries are made via telephone.

23 May 2016

I want to list my property on your service, so what do I do now?

Click on any of the buttons like: ‘get started today’ or ‘list your property now’.

From here there are just a couple of short steps to take and you will directed to:

  • fill in your general information on form provided
  • make payment (using PayPal or Credit Card)
  • set up your secure members account (by selecting a user name and password) and then you can add your property’s details & photos.This step is very easy to do due to the specially designed templates provided.

Once done we will have your property showing on the main real estate portals within an hour or so.

Additional, we will also email you a confirmation ‘welcome to our service’ letter, outlining information to further assist you. This is usually sent within one hour of you completing the payment step process.

23 May 2016

Am I required to sign any form of agreement/contract with you?

Yes, for properties that are listed onto Realestate.com.au, the vendor is required to sign a non-exclusive (private treaty) Authority to Sell/List form which will be provided by Sell My Property Now as part of the sign up onto our service process.
Also, we do not restrict or prevent you from listing your property at the same time with a traditional real estate agent.

23 May 2016

How do I upload photos?

While still in your secure members account area, after adding your property’s general details Click on the Media Tab on top of page; click on the Browse Image tab (this will create a pop up window box where you can then select the files on your computer that store your images/photos); select the photo you want and click ‘open’ and this will add that photo to media area; then click on the Upload Image tab (located near browse image tab, as mentioned above); then just follow the same steps for adding the next photo.